Vegetarian portobello and brown button mushroom soup!

Continuing with my little food project with the aim of developing my cooking and photography, I made a great mushroom soup the other day! Even though it doesn't look very tasty with its hues of grey and brown, it was delicious! 

This baby was easily made; frying onion, celery and garlic until blonde in olive oil. Then throwing in fresh thyme and rosemary along with chopped up mushrooms and a glug of white wine. I used my cast iron skillet because A) it looks great in pictures B) it was easier to get a nice surface on the mushrooms C) it gives a more even temperature.

When all fried for some time and the wine reduced and absorbed by the mushrooms I transferred everything to a large pot and added vegetable stock and some more wine. After simmering for some time, I poured in some whole cream and seasoned with salt and pepper. Finally I mixed the soup smooth and topped it off with fresh thyme and some fried mushrooms from before!

Let me know if you want the full recipe and I hope you'll enjoy the pictures below, click for lightbox!